Snakes: Upon Thy Belly Thou Shall Go and Dust Shall Thou Eat.

Sadly there are only a few places in the world where there are no snakes. One spot is Manhattan (been there, done that) and the other place is Iceland (actually I’ve been to Reykjavik, as well, on an Icelandic flight). I suppose technically anyone who lives anywhere could order any snake they like and keep in indoors. A number of years ago in Stoneham (the next town over from where I live), some fellow took his illegally-obtained Egyptian Cobra (“Tut”) outdoors so they both could enjoy the warm August sunshine. Long story short, the owner fell asleep and the cobra slithered away. Surrounding communities were petrified, pets and kids couldn’t play outside, etc etc. By the time November rolled around, everyone assumed the snake was dead – until if was found curled up on a shelf in an elementary school some distance away.  It was captured, but the owner only got slapped with a $50 fine. Does that sound right to you? I’m packing my bags tomorrow.