Bughouze insects lead lives not so far removed from our own day-to-day situations.

Would you like to know more about highly organized insects? Bughouze places critters from the lower kingdom into human circumstances for a fresh view of our insect friends.  For example, how would a Dung Beetle propose to the love of his life? Or what happens when ant hills downsize?  Drop in for a visit at ground level and be prepared to be astonished!

The bugs are out and about doing their thing at Bughouze. To find out what mischief they’re up to, click on one of the critters.

Having a rough day? Need a chuckle or two? Just for a moment imagine what life would be like if you were an insect. Click on any of the critters in the image above or scroll through the insect communities on the right. You will find a collection of entertaining cartoons sure to make you laugh.

Not a fan of insects? Then you must visit the Bughouze Ark

Mooooo-ve over insects!  There’s a new collection of funny critters available and they’re all housed inside the   Bughouze Ark!  Sea creatures, farm animals, birds of a feather and all kinds of pets are posted here, for your continued enjoyment.

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