Bughouze.com website is shutting down at the end of the year. But you can still follow the insects on:


The only constant in life is change, as they say! So after ten years of posting cartoons on www.bughouze.com I have decided to move my characters over to my Bughouze Facebook page as well as my personal Facebook page (Janet Bassemir Gentile). The main reason for the switch? The cost of running the website became a bit too costly. Thanks for all the “likes” and encouragements!! Hope you will continue to visit us!

You can still learn more about highly organized insects? Bughouze places critters from the lower kingdom into human circumstances for a fresh view of our insect friends.  For example, how would a Dung Beetle propose to the love of his life? Or what happens when ant hills downsize?  Drop in for a visit at ground level and be prepared to be astonished!

Having a rough day? Need a chuckle or two? Just for a moment imagine what life would be like if you were an insect. Visit www.facebook.com/bughouze to find a collection of entertaining cartoons sure to make you laugh.